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About Us

SystemsUnited is a group of content creators, most notably via livestreams on Twitch, and soon via Youtube. We seek to provide video entertainment with a focus on gaming! Our interests range to all types of games, from RPGs to FPS to Visual Novels -- and our content ranges from comedy to documentary -- and everything in between!

Meet the Team

United CrossFire is the founder of SystemsUnited, and the main streamer you'll see on the channel.

Eggplant is me. I am his roommate. I'm french, I like long walks on the beach, playing guitar, and you. I could use your phone number. DM me.

Ace Artist Tara is our clickbait, and TheSidePorch is her brother.

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United CrossFire
  • Schedule: Every Sunday
  • Currently streaming:
    • Smash Bros. Ultimate
    • Monster Hunter: World
    • Risk of Rain 2
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  • Schedule: Every Monday
  • Currently streaming:
    • Overwatch
    • Sea of Thieves
    • Hearthstone
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  • Schedule: Every Wednesday
  • Currently streaming:
    • Overwatch
    • Story-driven RPGs
    • Visual Novels
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Ace Artist Tara
  • Schedule: TBD
  • Currently streaming:
    • Overwatch
    • Elder Scrolls Online
    • More Overwatch

Stream Schedule

Here, you can see the streams we have planned! The calendar will be updated regularly.

Note: Some of these scheduled streams may be placeholders and are subject to change.

Social Media

Feel free to join our discord to get in touch with us, and with the rest of the community!

You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to make sure you're up-to-date on all our content!